Scoop Lights & Work Lights

Every once in a while you just need a light that puts out a whole lot of acreage of light at once.  Perhaps it is a rehearsal, perhaps you are painting a drop.  These are the lighting units for that.

Types of Scoop Lights & Work Lights

LED Work Lights
Think of this fixture almost as a LED Fresnel.  It doesn’t have the spot to flood adjustability of a fresnel but it does use a 6″ fresnel lens.  The price point is higher, but the benefit in cost savings in its incredibly low power draw and lamp life will save you money over time.  This is the sort of worklight you won’t care if someone leaves it on 24/7.

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Open Faced Units
If you’re looking for a rectangular work light.  Perhaps on the first electric to give some rehearsal light this style is very handy.

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This maybe my grandfathers light, but it has its uses.  Large ones for work light and smaller ones for window backings on a box set.  In general they produce large circles of light and I mean very large.  Decades ago they were the only light I had to light a cyclorama.  Wasn’t my favorite but with enough frost gel you can make it work.

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