Pin Spot

A pin spot is a narrow beam of light.  Its purpose is to highlight something.  They are most commonly used to light a mirror ball – without the pin spot you will never get those little dots of light, or things like highlighting a center piece on a table.

Black Pin Spot
This is a black bodied conventional pin spot.  It is a glorified Mag Light.  Very tight beam but a very uneven beam.  Sometimes the uneveness gives a great texture.  Great for small rooms, it is a unit that is easy to hide.  The light starts off as white.  You can put plastic lenses on it to color the light.Browse our selection of pinspots.
White Pin Spot
The white bodied conventional pin spot does all of the same things as the unit above but is very popular with wedding planners with the outer white casing.Browse our selection of pinspots.
LED Pin Spot
This is a LED Pin Spot.  The light field is much more even.  If you wanted to project a circle of light this would be a great unit for you.  Very cool to the touch and long lamp life.Browse our selection of pinspots.
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