Get your Pink on!

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And now, a break from our regularly scheduled programming! Don’t worry we’ll be back next week to our series on lighting goals but this week we turn our attention to Breast Cancer Awareness month.

There’s only one color that comes to mind with Breast Cancer Awareness, and that’s PINK! There are several different ways that you can turn your lights pink in support of this important cause.

Breast Cancer Awareness Banner

Gels work a lot like paint. Instead of picking out a pink paint for your canvas, choose a pink gel for your light to show your support.

But there are so many different kinds of pink! Light pink, dark pink, blush or bashful? How am I to choose?

Luckily for you our SLS Advisor team has been hard at work solving your problem with a new gel sample book just for Breast Cancer Awareness pinks! And if you’re looking at lighting a building, you can even see our section on which gels work best for your type of light.

But maybe you’ve got all that down and are looking for unique ways to light your space for a fundraiser? Or even to commemorate a survivor? Feel free to call us for free advice on how we can help you today!

We want to hear from you!  How are you supporting breast cancer awareness?

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